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Here are some local bee and beekeeper supply outlets for beekeeping within Alaska. Keep in mind, if you are committed to treatment free beekeeping , you have to ignore the treatments, things they call non-treatments, and substitutes some will try to sell you, just say thank you, and walk away. These suppliers have been providing Honey bee services for a long time in Alaska, and can be trusted. If you are An Alaskan Company Licensed to do business in Alaska, and supply beekeeping supplies, or Package bees, and want to be included on this list of Alaskan Beekeeping Suppliers, email your advert text for consideration.

Ri-Generation Nutrition, Owner Nathan Broumley, Package Bees, Bee Max Styrofoam Hive Components, Frames & Foundation, Hive tools& Beekeeping Attire, Conveniently Located in Eagle River Alaska.

Alaska Honey Bee, Owner Keith Malone, resides in Chugiak, keeps bees in Palmer / Wasilla areas. Package Bees, basic beehive equipment with frames & Foundation, Consultation on treatment free beekeeping & wintering bees. Can provide package bees on the road system interconnecting most major communities.

Sarah’s Alaska Honey, Owner Sarah Souders. On the Kenai Peninsula. Sarah makes awesome equipment, and gives Beginner Beekeeping Classes,

Jack Anderson, Package Bees for Two Locations:
Alaska – Anchorage, including Faribanks area, Southeastern Alaska, and Southwest Portland Oregon (Tigard area) Beekeeping Equipment, Beginner Beekeeping Classes,

Alaska Wildflower Honey  , Owner Steve Victors, Package Bees, Complete line of Mann Lake beekeeping supplies, Indoor wintering space available for those who want a controlled climate!

Toklat Apiaries , Owner Stephen Petersen, Phone # 907-457-2440. Package Bees for the Northern Alaska, Fairbanks, Nenana, North Pole, and Big Delta, Equipment, Beekeeper Consultation, Below is a PDF of Stephens Equipment Price list. 3 – Equipment Prices 1 March 2016, Package Bee price list, 1 – Official Package Bee Order 2016, Beekeeping classes, and order form 2 – Beginning Beekeeping Classes, email

If you, or anyone you know has a business license in the state of Alaska to sell bees & Equipment for beekeeping, and would like to be included on this list above, Please email me at and let me know so I may add your business here for Alaskan Beekeepers use as a local resource for Honey Bees.

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  1. Hello! We were (well, Max was, with various kiddos) at the last Saturday meeting at RiGeneration Nutrition and wanted to ask about when the next would be and whether you could include our email address in future comms about these type things.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi,

    I believe your speaking about and asking about obtaining Drawn out Brood Comb, at least this is the terminology I am accustomed to taught me by my old time Mentor, God rest his soul, John Liska. So you want enough to have eight Drawn Out Brood Combs? I might be able to help if you are keeping bees small cell, but it really does not matter, the queen will lay in my small cell combs, but it would be best used in a small cell colony so it is utilized to the best of it’s potential. Call me to see if I might help You can find my phone number at the following link;

  3. Hi All. I’m in the Anchor Pt area. My wife and I are very intrigued with the idea of raising bees and honey.
    If anyone knows when there will be enough interest in a beginners class on bees, would you be so kind as to drop me a note?
    Many thanks!

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