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A good friend of mine personally went to his local Legislative Information Office, and personally filled out a “Public Opinion Message” form, and was eager for me to get the information out there to make it easy to get your voice documented about this subject. You see he has had pesticide poisoning recently where it knocked hives to death. No telling how the local pollinators were hit at the same time, not to mention birds, and other wild life. If we and others we know who care, will voice on this subject, We might be able to actually make a big difference, where other states in the USA might follow our example. Eyes are on Alaska for Pioneering.

This is a very important subject, and it is a wonder more is not heard about what is happening concerning this. We need to speak up so our environment his helped.


Here is a link above to the text of Alaska HB-20 I am sure that as beekeepers we might want to contact our Legislature, and Senate to Voice our opinion on Alaska HB-20. We might even want to encourage our friends to voice on this too.


Here is a link above for a “Public Opinion Message” Form that can be filled out and mailed in, or faxed in so you can document an opinion on the subject. This is better than calling, for it is documented and must be acted upon. You may be for this bill, or against it, this is a good way to let your Rep. know what you think about this subject.

You can at one fail swoop send this opinion to all Committees, Caucuses, House Members, and Senate Members at the same time so all can be on the same page at the same time. You can even suggest to amend it.

Amend it Yes! I was thinking instead of “An Act limiting the application of neonicotinoid pesticides” we should all suggest that we BAN neonicotinoid pesticides all together. There is to much risk with containment. This stuff affects other insects and wildlife as well. We should follow Europe, and Ban this stuff.


Here is a link above for your local Legislative Information Office Directory so you can possibly hand deliver your Public Opinion Message Personally. These Offices are all over the state.

No on Limiting use, and yes to banning neonicotinoid pesticides in Alaska. Then we can work on the use of herbicides used on Alaska State D.O.T. Right of Ways.

Please spread this message to all you know who care. I do not want to see more dead bees, or dwindling colonies suffering amnesia from pesticides.

One thought on “A voice for Honey Bee’s

  1. Back checking through old emails and sure hope this passes and was approved, for our beekeeping industry needs it badly what with recent New York Times Article dated 13May15, concerning worsening numbers die off of honeybee colonies since last summer…..for sooner or later our government has to get serious for the problem to end so we have happy, sustainable healthy bees for pollenation and feeding our growing population.

    Dee A. Lusby

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