AKTF Beekeeping Symposium Admission Purchase

Admission pre-registration; $60.00

Email klm@gci.net to register for the Symposium. You can pay by check, or if you prefer I can invoice you through https://squareup.com. There will be an additional charge of $5.00 added to credit card payments to cover credit card service fees per each registration.

Purchase of admission pre-registration to 2020 Symposium entitles buyer to 7% discount off purchase of package bees, (except for early bird package bee price) for the 2020 season from “Alaska Honey Bee“.

10 percent discount for Vets, Seniors (55 years or older), Students, and Beekeeping Clubs & Association Members.

Any Questions regarding pre-registration please call me at 907-242-0588

Walk-in registration; $80.00

Can accept checks, cash, and credit cards at the door. There will be an additional charge of $5.00 added to credit card payments per each registration to cover credit card service fees through https://squareup.com.

Any Questions regarding walk-in registration please call me at 907-242-0588

Vendor registration; $140.00

There is lots of space for TFB vendors, and exhibitors to set up in the foyer of the theater if you may be interested in promoting your TFB business.

Vendor registration; Price $140.00, no discounts for business’s, includes a space limited to ten feet wide, and Event registration for two people. Vendors must be pre-approved, and pre-registered prior to this Event. All Vendor employees must also be registered for the Symposium that attend. Vendor registration fee must be paid prior to the Symposium. Vendors must have a current Alaska Business License.

To pre-register as vendor email klm@gci.net, or call 907-242-0588.

Symposium brought to you by Alaska Honey Bee.

For more information please call me, Keith Malone at 907-242-0588, or email at klm@gci.net