Alaska Bee Club Classes

Spring Bees 101

Were: Birchtree Charter School 7101 East Palmer-Wasilla Hwy
When: March 25th 5:30-7:30pm

The cost is $20 help raise money for birch tree charter school and learn beekeeping at the same time

Brought to you by:    Rigeneration Nutrition     Sustainable Beekeeping Alaska

Speakers: Nathan Broumley & Keith Malone

Spring Bees 101 is the 1st class in a 4 part series, the purpose of part 1 is to prepare beekeepers for the first 4-6 weeks of the Summer Beekeeping Season.

For more information on future classes including intermediate and advanced classes follow us @Rigeneration Nutrition on Facebook.



Speaker; Keith Malone

What are the bees thinking when spring arrives?
Lifecycle of honeybees (workers, Drones, & Queens)
What types of honeybees are best for Alaska?
What Kind of hives are best for Alaska.
What is cell size and why is it important?
Why 2 hives are better than one.

Speaker; Nathan Broumley

What do I need to get started?
How to assemble your langstroth hive.
Choosing a location for your hives.

Spring Feed and Spring Feeders.

Installing Package Bees (A hiving demonstration)
How and when to release the queen .
Marking queens pros and cons .

How  often should I check my feeder’s?
How long should I feed my Bees?

When and how to do your first hive check (Colony Welfare check)
What to look for.

Queen Supersedure  cells do’s & don’ts

Troubleshooting problem hives
Is my Hive queen-less?
Spotting a Drone Layer.

Problem Solving, Speaker ; Keith Malone

How to deal with a laying worker colony.
Re-queening a hive with Bad queen
Introducing a queen to a Queenless hives

Encouraging Comb Building.
Expanding the brood nest.

When should I add the next Hive body?
What Is “more space” to honeybees?



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