Alaska Bee Club Classes

This will be our last Beekeeping Class this Season

July 29th 5:30pm-7:30pm $10per person
Bring a Chair if you can we always run out of seats

@Rigeneration Nutrition 907-622-1829
12812 old glenn hwy A-11
Eagle River, Ak. 99577
Sustainable Beekeeping Alaska
Managing the TFB Hive during the Honey Flow
*Setting up for Honey Production
*Controlling Swarming
*Setting the Queen Aside
*Controlling Mite Populations (IPM)
Harvesting Honey
*the Unlimited Brood Nest
*When is the Honey Ready for Harvest
*Reusing Wet Frames
*How much Winter Stores does a Hive Need
*Honey vs Sugar Syrup for Colony Health and Longevity
Getting Ready For Winter
*What is Bridge Comb
*Fall Feeding
*Liquid Vs Solid Feeding
*Rapid Feeders
*When Should I Stop Feeding
*Elevation Ventilation & Condensation
*Insulated Inner Covers
*Top Entrances
The object ofSustainable Beekeeping Alaska is to teach a more self reliant style of keeping bees therefore a more self reliant beekeeper. We believe that through sharing our success’s, failures and genetics we can weed out the weeker bees that cannot survive our winters and propogate more of the bees that can, eventually developing an Alaskan Honeybee.



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