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Here are some Blogs and web sites related to small cell Beekeeping (SCB), natural beekeeping, Treatment Free Beekeeping (TFB), where zero treatments is the Goal. These are links to beekeepers who are in the process of helping bees. Here is a table that is set to help the Honey Bees. More links will be added later, you can submit a sit by emailing from the contact page.

Organic Beekeepers Mtg, Oracle Ariz 27-28 Feb – 1 Mar, 2015

From Dee Lusby:

As the Organic Beekeepers discussion group has now grown in numbers to over 5700+ members, we have now put together our 8th annual meeting for an American Beekeepers Association, for beekeepers into clean Organic Beekeeping, to come together to associate for clean sustainable beekeeping with ZERO treatments, and getting off the artificial feeds, and off artificial breeding parameters, not in tandum with Nature.

Dee Lusby

Ed & Dee Lusby, Pioneers of 4.9mm Small Cell Beekeeping, Zero Treatment Organic Beekeeping.

Erik Osterlund

Here is a blog by my friend Erik Osterlund in Sweden.,Erik has a long list of Credits that I can put on him, one of which is his involvement with Br. Adam at Buckfast Abby.            

Michael Bush

Mike Bush is the Go-to guy for information on Treatment Free Beekeeping, Author of “The Practical Beekeeper“.

Laurie Herboldsheimer & Dean Stiglitz

Laurie Herboldsheimer & Dean Stiglitz are Authors of “The Complete Idiots Guid To Beekeeping“, and Owners of Golden Rule Honey, LLC 168 4th Street, Leominster, MA 01453. Both Speak for honey bees at treatment free conferences. Visit Golden Rule Honey,

Parker Farms

Treatment-Free Beeekeeping for all. – Providing Local Denver Metroplex Treatment-Free Honey and Bees that are free from all pesticides normally found in common beekeeping practice. My honey is raw, unfiltered, and has all the natural ingredients you are looking for. And I want to do my best to provide tips and information to beekeepers new to the treatment-free style in a world full of drugs and chemicals.

Research supporting the validity of Small Cell Combs, and beekeeping. Disease resistant bees in the system of Ed&Dee Lusby, arizona.

 Latest scientific papers on small cell bees ;

Hygienic behaviour of colonies kept on small-cell combs

 Published on Mar 13, 2013

A trip to the bee yard with Dee Lusby, a Treatment Free Beekeeper with over 700 hives in southern Arizona. Dee does not use any chemicals, treatments or artificial feeds of any kind. Her bees are small cell bees raised using housel positioning and an unlimited broodnest system. Most of her hives are 5 deeps tall. For more information please visit

More to come, lots of stuff out there for TFB, stay tuned!!



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