Dee Lusby’ Published Works

When Dee Lusby visited Alaska to Speak with Alaskan Beekeepers During the Jan. 2016 TFB Symposium, she gave me a stack of papers to share with everyone. This is some of her published works pertaining to Honey bees, and Colony Field management. Here they are as PDF downloads.

On the Size of Cells, Speculations on Foundation aAs A Colony Management Tool  Published, Gleanings In Bee Culture, February 1990, page 98 – 99 – 100 – 101

Arizona Beekeeper Believes Smaller Cell Diameter is the Answer to Mite Problems Published ABJ, Dec. 1997 – Page 837-838, Dee A. Lusby

Suggested Biological Manipulative treatment for Control of Honeybee Mites Published Apiacta XXVII, 109m – 117 (1992), Dee A. Lusby, and E.D.Lusby U.S.A.

Honey Variation 1992-1993 ABJ Dee A. Lusby

Field Breeding Basics for Honeybees Using Colony Thermodynamics Within The Transition Zones Apiacta XXX, 20 – 29 1995, 109m – 117 (1992), Dee A. Lusby, and E.D.Lusby U.S.A.

Managing Colony Genetics by Grafting and Selecting for Queens With Shorter Development Timers By Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Delores A. Lusby, and Eric H. Erickson jr., ABJ November 1989

Thelytoky in a Strain of US Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera L.) Published Bee Science, May 1991, Vol. 1 no. 3 Page 166-171 By G. DeGrandi-Hoffman, E. H. Erickson jr., D. Lusby, E. Lusby