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  1. Please sign me up as a member. I’ve never kept bees, but would love to start this year. I would like to be treatment free and overwinter – but first I need to learn how to keep bees! I live in Fairbanks, do you know of anyone here who could help me. I’m thinking of coming down to the next meeting, but wonder if it would be enough information for a new beekeeper to correctly keep bees? (considering the long drive.)

  2. I am a Newbee and about to get my first bee’s. Would like to attend some classes and meetings. I am hoping to be able to winter them. I live in the Valley and have one hive ready to go this year.

  3. My daughter and I both enjoyed the Symposium this year. Thank you for making it available for us.
    I would like to join. I’m a newbee from Big Lake. I have two hives, TF, small cell, and plan on wintering over the bees.


  4. Please sign me up. I am interested in classes. First year beekeeper.
    I am using a Flow Hive and am interested in others doing the same.
    I am in south Anchorage.

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